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Getting unlimited views and subscribers for your YouTube channel needs a kind of service provided by different sites that allow you to get unlimited free YouTube views and subscribers for your YouTube channel. These sites charge nothing but work on an exchange of views. This means you will have to watch the videos of others. In return, they will watch yours. Eventually, both will exchange the views for the channel. While these views do not help make money with Adsense Ads, they will surely help them position their videos. For instance: you created a YouTube channel, created a video and uploaded it to your channel. Because your channel is too new, nobody will watch your video. So you will not get organic views. This is quite natural and happens with almost all YouTubers. If you are smart enough, you will not have to wait another 4-5 month to get several organic views. What you will do is that you will try to get tons of free previews on YouTube. When your video gets a lot of views, YouTube starts classifying your video. As a result, you will begin to get organic views and get real subscribers. In an effort to remove fraudulent channels that violate their guidelines, YouTube has recently introduced a new rule that requires creators to reach at least 10k views for life before they can monetize their videos. Here is a list of some great sites with which you can easily get an unlimited number of YouTube views and even without spending a penny. So, just follow the instructions below and have fun.QQTUBE ...