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As an entrepreneur, you've certainly figured out how to capture the audience and which mobile strategy to apply: whether to create a website or a mobile app. There is no single answer because the selected option depends on a number of factors, including business plans, resources, and web properties that may be needed.Of course, the number of mobile users has increased than the PC users. You must have seen those days when you had to wait for minutes to view a single pic on your computers. We all are aware of how poor connection can annoy us. Ever since the smartphones have been introduced it has taken a crucial place in our lives. We are more dependent on things to happen through apps rather than self.  As a result, companies are aware of the need to utilize the mobile channels to attract customers. They have started new operations (or have reduced existing ones) through mobile websites and mobile applications.Choosing an app or a website depends entirely on the type of your business and marketing style. Factors that are associated with choosing platforms are the type, price, usability, required functionality, and the audience they serve.1. Instant Applications ...