App Maker For YouTube Channel - A New Way To Monetize Online

In the era of digitization, mobile-apps have taken over all web applications that were used only to fulfill a task for that particular point in time. No doubt, the mobile app has replaced web application as users are more likely to adopt the mobile platform other than the desktops and laptops. Nowadays, all sorts of web developments are taking place keeping in mind the mobile and tablet users as the potential ones.
If you are reading this blog, and willing to read it further then probably because you are one of the smartphone or tablet users. Your smartphone or tablet is designed in such a way that you can install all sort of applications to carry your day to day activities with efficacy. But have you ever thought that an application can also help you in earning money? Yes, if you are an affiliate marketer or an influencer or a YouTuber, you must have an app in order to monetize your channel. Apart from the fact that you are already earning through YouTube, a YouTube app for your channel can help you in the following ways:


Get Registered With your YouTube Channel


First things first! You might have gained millions of viewers and subscribers for your channel but having an app can also help you gain more likes and subscribers as a mobile-app has a far wider reach than any browser-based platform. This is the first step towards maximizing your reach through a YouTube app hence getting registered on such platforms will also help you connect more people through your existing users.

Importing Videos from YouTube Account


Once you register and sign-up you can easily import all your videos to the app and start listing it. The YouTube app allows users to easily access and navigate through all your videos with much ease and hassle. As every viewer would prefer using mobile or a tablet instead of browser-based channels.

Browsing on YouTube channel is still productive but moving to apps can even help you expand your channel to get more viewers from different sources. As a YouTuber, all you need is the organic traffic that increases the subscriber list along with the views and likes.

Find Your Channel

Getting registered on an app doesn't mean you need to sign-in as a    different user. You can sign in with the same username that is associated with your YouTube channel. Once your channel and videos are synchronized in the app, you can keep a track of the list of videos that you need to manage and sort them according to your choices. One of the best things about managing your YouTube videos through an app is, you can sort and easily categorize them.

Push Notifications


The push notifications through an app will be more productive as the browser notifications are not accessible every time. The app allows you to get notified and view the new updates on the app at any time you want. 



This section covers content for all categories where a user can find the content as per the convenience. Defining categories makes it easier for you to organize and present the content.


A category where you can find all your videos something very crucial for a YouTuber if he is planning to monetize it. Video content is something which is very famous and in demand thing among the viewers.

YouTube player

Like any other video player, running videos for your channel also requires a YouTube player that helps to play videos online and managing it.

Recent videos

Recent videos consist of all the recently played and watched videos. This section has a list of videos as the latest video and the most popular videos on top. The recently played and uploaded videos are the ones that are viewed the most by many other YouTube users. The recent video category also consists of the trending and the top rated videos that users want others to watch or the maximum shared videos.

Similar videos

While you are managing all your video content through a single interface you need to sort all your similar videos under one name tag. Here similar videos show up all videos that are similar to the content that can you pull up in one go.


Following is a list of features in any YouTube app that you can use for engaging your users:

Mark Favorites

Marking favorites allows users to get all the related videos viewed without searching them manually.  

Share Videos

Sharing has always helped in increasing the visibility, likes, and followers among the users. Your YouTube app helps you to share your videos both manually and automatically.


Push Notifications

Push notifications allow your channel to send push notifications to the users in a way that they don't have to search and find for your latest releases.

Rating Prompt

We all have seen the "Rate us" feature while making a purchase online. Similarly, a rating prompt for your video will help you get an ideal review by the user and to improvise on your YouTube content too.


In the same way, your YouTube channel app will also have some recommended options to boost your page. Some of them are listed below.

  • Subscribe.
  • Member Sign-up.
  • AdSense Revenue.

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