Top CPA Affiliate Networks To Scale You Higher As An Affiliate Marketer

The CPA(Cost per action) form of Affiliate marketing is getting highly trending these days as it comes up with some luring features to attract the publishers. Many content creators and influencers have taken a path as an affiliate marketer to earn through Google AdSense and have started promoting through CPA mainly. CPA is a form of marketing where an affiliate is paid only when the user performs a specific action on the website. This term is often confused with CPL(Cost Per Lead) which is different from CPA in a way that it focuses entirely on paying as per the number of leads generated for the business. Performance marketing provides more opportunities for publishing more effective methods of marketing online. Advertisers pay only when they get the work done. Work doesn't mean to crack a sale every time. Marketing business brings you an opportunity to earn while promoting. Every brand needs marketing peers, with the advent of globalization and e-marketing era, CPA gives you an ideal opportunity to work and earn as an affiliate.

CPA Lead

CPA Lead has been successful in creating a striking impact on the affiliates for the incentives. It is the first network to introduce content locking which is now used by all other network channels. CPA Leads is known as it pays handsome incentives to its affiliates and also for their stunning tools for creating landing pages. It is used by people living in different countries hence it is successful in driving the maximum number of traffic through users. The payment method is so efficient that not even a single payment gets delayed and there is no history of the failed transaction. This company has been named as the top network in the list of other 40 growing companies.


Admitad is another cost per action network that serves as a common interest for all forms of advertising. This network supports with the best sources for the sale and helps the publishers with business generation on the new and latest business models. It is a company based in Germany and presently working at a global scale. The best part about this network is that it has its in-house platform with a range of latest tools and are connected to the globally associated brands. Some of the common features of this network include that it offers payment on a weekly basis and even offers payments on requests. It has an easy sign-up process with the user-friendly experience on the interface. The category that it targets is known to everyone and like finance, travel, internet games etc. Admitad has the best payment gateway associations like PayPal, e-payments and wire transfer. Admitad has a minimum payout of 20$. The technological bent of this platform includes anti-fraud applications, device and data tracking, various advertising tools, etc. Here, the affiliates don't have to pay any registration charges and provides with all types of statistical and analytical support to the affiliates. This network maintains a popular global presence with the best brands and geographic locations all around the globe. Some of the salient features of Admitad also includes a huge range of exclusive programs with the latest social and marketing tools, moreover it generates the most transparent feedback for its affiliates.


Peerfly is the best network for affiliates who are looking for the wide range of other features like early payments, custom domains etc. PeerFly is not only known for CPA but also for CPL. Peerfly offers networks with all sort of offers for the affiliates working from all parts of the globe. What best can be done for an affiliate if he can earn either from lead or from an acquisition? The PeerFly has a friendly interface wherein all the offers, banners and links are well arranged and organized so you don't spend time in the interface. Some of the top advertisers are Dell, Disney, Apple, and Best Buy.

Max Bounty

MaxBounty is among those popular networks for professional internet marketers who aim to earn more than 3000$ in a month. Getting an approval for MaxBounty is not an easy task for the affiliates as it approves the selected individuals who are skilled and already experienced in earning huge incentives through affiliate marketing. This is one of the most dependable networks as it has the most reliable payment system that allows getting paid for every week. Besides the flexibility factor, MaxBounty offers tons of offers for CPA, CPL and CPS programs. As the company is known for performance marketing, professionals rate it as the best network for the affiliates. Working with MaxBounty offers you a great privilege to select the product you are willing to promote based on the campaign types and earn up to 1000$ as incentives. As a new update, this network has started providing free domain and hosting services to its affiliates. Now it is not at all difficult to find the trending and profitable niches for promotion as MaxBounty has all types of brands to get promoted by all affiliates from all parts of the world.


Global Wide Media has been helping the global brands to deliver quality traffic through various marketing channels. The network works for all sort of promotional ways like social media, pay per click, email marketing, etc. It provides premium offers that are being supported by brands globally. Unlike MaxBounty it gives a fair chance to all affiliates whether he is new to affiliate industry or an experienced affiliate. This network has more than 1500 free and premium offers and a great team to support the teams. The USP of this network is that it has a fantastic user interface and have innumerable offers for every geographic location which makes it a widely connected platform by most of the affiliates.

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