7 Rules To Make Amazing YouTube Videos To Engage Viewers

Does YouTube sound too much of a cliche to you? Tired of hearing how YouTubers are making an overwhelming amount of money these days just by making amazing viral videos which as a matter of fact everybody loves and admires. Well, YouTube is a place which welcomes everybody open-heartedly to showcase their talent and amuse the world in most unique ways or deliver the value and share the opinions. In this digital era when everyone is looking further to make their dreams come through this amazing unbiased platform, why are you not taking advantage of this free, ready and easy to use tool which has the potential to make your content viral overnight?

Mastering the art of making YouTube videos viral sounds too much of a task, especially when you have just set your foot in astounding YouTube world. Don’t worry that's the part where we come to your rescue and provide you amazing hacks and tips on making popular, creative and mind-blowing videos and promote them to help you become the big shot.  Follow these tips to stand out, engage your audience and do your video promotion in unconventional ways to get more views on YouTube videos and be the new talk of the town.


How to make high-engagement videos for Viral Bao?

Rule No.1: Strictly focus on the length of your videos, make them short, crisp and end with a bang..!!

Shorter videos always have high viewership, be very quick to jump right straight to the topic and be astoundingly fun, keeping your audience in suspense to having to keep watching. If you stretch the video and add the less-needed elements, they will drift away. Introduce the main concept of your YouTube video within the initial 5 seconds of your video to retain the maximum audience and end it quickly with a major blast, in the end, to keep them craving for more of your videos.

Rule No 2: Make a trailer before releasing the entire movie ..!!

Giving a glimpse of 5 to 7 seconds of your entire video at the beginning of your video showing how to awesome your video is going to be and making it compellingly suspenseful so that viewers are willing to watch the entire video and all of your other amazing videos is one of the most creative ways of getting more views and subscribers for YouTube channel.

Rule No 3:  Grow your YouTube community with high participation and generous answers..!!

Nothing works more effectively to make loyal and recurring visitors than engaging them in healthy conversations through comments. It not only adds to continuous traffic on YouTube channel but also guarantees the focus of new potential viewers when you answer to you fans earnestly and dedicatedly.

Rule No 4. Your video quality and editing says it all

Making a high-quality video is as important as making a video, what's the use of making a video that no one is able to see clearly? How can you justify your talent with a poorly shot and edited video and expect to monetize your YouTube channel from it? If you want high engagement  YouTube videos then first make one worth watching, edit in a flawless manner and then you can see the huge flow of viewers and subscribers on your YouTube channel for high YouTube ad revenue. For some help, you can check some resourceful and easy video editing methods here.

Rule No 5. It is the time to make catchy video title and description

The video title is the first thing that explains your video and gives the first introduction of what the video is all about. Be sure to make it unique, interesting and useful to the viewers, so that they go further and check your video at least once. But don't forget to run an SEO check on the title and description for your videos, since at the end SEO is going to rank up on your YouTube video on the top searches for Viral Bao.

Rule No 6. More and more playlists

Making playlists is how you trap viewers on your channels and force them to hit the subscribe button and increase views for your YouTube channel. Make a playlist of all your awesome videos and hence make such other playlists likewise to avoid the risk of drifting away of your audience to someone else's videos after your video ends.

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