Some Of The Common Challenges Faced By Influencers While Promoting A Brand

Influencer marketing has become the plinth of every marketing strategy nowadays. All brands are it global or domestic, be it a start-up or an established brand have influencers to get their brand promoted. Only those who are not a part of this marketing technique are likely to be less aware or nervous about the challenges they might face.

Influencers do face various challenges and are successful as they have overcome that defiance. Every influencer faces some or the other challenges if he wishes to follow the path of innovation.

1.Finding Top Influencers For The Brand.

As per the industry research, finding the right influencer for your brand is the most challenging part of influencer marketing. This is one of the most common challenges as there are different categories of brand influencers. Finding influencers is not an easy task at all. One cannot emphasize on an appealing celebrity with a book of followers in the social account to promote your brand as they might charge a large sum of money for the promotional activity. Moreover, there are chances that the celebrity may direct the audience in their own way wherein they may also affect the spending habits of the potential buyers.

Brands either go for an in-house alternative to assigning a member to find target influencers for their product or follow an agency to get the brand promoted by the influencers. In both cases, customers don't see the influencers getting connected to the brand as customers trust a brand when even the influencer consumes or uses the product. One essential point to recall is that number of followers does not play a significant role every time. We have often seen huge fraud while buying followers through the deals everywhere. The ultimate goal of influencer marketing is engagements and conversion.


2.Deciding How Much Control to Have on Your Influencers.

A vital element of any influencer marketing campaign is the type of content that is created and shared. To be successful, the content needs to make a connection with the audience. You have to set up an excellent content creation teams that the influencers need to  - you or the influencer and you have to work with the influencer to understand how he will utilize it. Your business has a much greater budget plan and preferable resources than the influencers do, so the influencers will be glad for you to help with content creation. Various brands have discovered the most effortless ways to create the content with influencers in a way that the content associates well with the brand with the authenticity of the influencer's audience.


3. Convincing the Influencers to Work With Your Brand.

Once you choose the influencers for your brand you need to convince them that they are worth working with you and can play a major role in creating a sound market value. You need to understand that the words that need to be used should match with the product. If you are promoting a product targeting the youth then you should avoid using corporate quotes and phrases. You should attempt and become familiar with with the influencers before you approach them. What fascinates them? What kind of content do they normally deliver, and the content category do they share? You have to make a solid association with them before you request them to help.

Higher the celebrity influencer rises on the scale of fame, higher will be the endorsement rates. Celebrity expects you to pay well for the endorsements as they are known and followed by the masses. You may get a celebrity influencer who is ready to promote your brand as he might be using and promotes it on the basis of his experience but that may fetch a larger part of your budget as they come under the category of macro influencers.

Micro influencers are those who are neither celebrities nor are associated with them to get the brand promoted. These are individuals who have created a content as per their niche and have earned a massive fan following on the internet. There might be a possibility that their existence is less renowned like popular celebrities but they have all that a brand needs to fulfill their promotional prerequisites.

They can create a YouTube video of them reviewing the product in exchange for goodies in the form of samples. The only reason why you should utilize them as influencers is that they have a connect with the audience and they are ready to share their audience which brings a great opportunity for you to sell out to the audience.


4. Tracking Your Influencer Activity.

You will definitely need to track the activities of your influencers to know if you have invested in a right influencer or not. Tracking the influencer activity is important as you need to see what type of audience is following your influencers and need to be differentiated that out of the total followers how many followers are actually following the product. It is essential to building up a logical social media marketing channel which can be done only when you know your potential audience.

One of the common tools for tracking the progress and activities is Traackr, wherein you can sign-up to track and manage the activities to validate and scale your Influencer marketing strategies. You can also create a spreadsheet to record all the activities and marketing messages. On the other hand, you can manage the data like which posts are performing well and which all are not. This is helpful in a way that you can plan an efficient influencer marketing pattern to trace the path of growth.

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