Best Networks to Find Influencers for Your Campaign:

Due to it's popularity as an effective technique, Influencer marketing has become a part of every brand's marketing strategy. Finding the right influencers for a campaign is not as easy as it seems. So in order to facilitate the quest of finding the appropriate influencers, there are numerous networks which hold expertise in this particular job. These networks not only help in finding your brand representatives on social media, but also help in tracking everything that's related to a smooth operation of a campaign. Listing best networks for finding influencers for a campaign.


If you're looking for the best influencers to team up-with, Viralbao is the best suited network for all your marketing needs. Viralbao is a home to hundreds of successful influencers and aspiring influencers as well. You just need to sign- up and you'll get influencer suggestions based on your budget and requirements of campaign. The best thing about using Viralbao is that, it has a very simple yet useful interface lacking the complexities like those in other platforms offering the same services. If you expect explosive results out of your campaign, then you should definitely give it a try. Influencers with different reach and social worth are displayed as per the budget of a campaign.


This is one of the platform which offer match-making services for both, brands & influencers. It also provides the right tools to ease the collaboration and analytical details about campaign. The main difference between Webfluential and it's counterparts,  is the emphasis they lay on the influencer's side. If this ain't enough, Webfluential also provides the influencers with the right tools for searching opportunities rather than sitting back and waiting for a brand to reach out for them. They make use  of influencer's profile page on platform to display their rates and a description of work which was done in the past. Webfluential also has quote building tools that allows them to automatically send proposals to brand searches. Any influencer with a prominent presence in a  domain might have their own ideas regarding the types of content they can create. Even when no brands is searching for content that completely fits the description, Webfluential helps in finding the right companies to present those ideas to. It might take years for tradional advertisers to reach the biggest  players in the game but with the help of Webfluential  anyone with a good idea and an impressive social worth can give  their best shot and hope to work with the industry giants.


Speakr shouldn't be confused with merely a software platform. It is rather, more of an agency which helps in pairing brands with influencers of their target market. However, the software part is not completely ignored, it's the heart of whole mechanism of representing the data. Speakr has, more than 21,000 influencers. These influencers are not only about numbers, but they flaunt high engagement of an extremely loyal fan following. Speaker tends to group influencers in various categories, due to which it offers the brands an opportunity of connecting and developing the content with thousands of people at a time. For example, A single post distributed among a single category holds the potential of reaching millions of audience.


TapInfluence launched an automation software which was named TapFusion during 2015. They consider it as a complete Enterprise solution. They've worked with some of the biggest players in the industry, like  Volvo, Mattel, Lego, Agusta ,Coca-Cola, which is an impressive list that proves the effectiveness of platform. Campaigns that were managed using their software, presented the 11 times more annual Return Of Investment as compared to traditional advertising platforms, and around 3 times more than the other platforms. The Brands looking for promotion of their campaign via influencer's support and other agencies, can search for appropriate match in its massive database of influencers. Tapfusion ensures that the applicants have a suitable reach and a loyal fan following. Then the Influencers are categorised on basis of different domains and their respective areas of expertise to ease the process of search. If you're looking for an influencer fit for your campaign, you just need to look for someone whose fans/followers match your target audience. Now, that you’ve found your influencers, you explain them and define what the campaign should look like. The automation tools helps in facilitating the creation and further distribution of content.

Wherever the campaign goes on to live on their social media accounts, it collects every relevant data and analyses it. The performance of campaign could be traced on multiple social media platforms. This provides a complete report on how well the campaign is performing.

Neo Reach:

The concept of Neo Reach emerged from Stanford University, this platform was created by Jesse Leimgruber and Misha Talavera. They conceived an idea of a platform which can connect various influencers with brands belonging to their area of expertise/niche. This idea was so innovative that it was immediately accepted by Stanford’s accelerator program, and it further helped in creation of Neo Reach.

It uses a unique algorithm to extract data from the social web and it further indexes the relevant information on the platform. Due to his NeoReach has found and added more than 4,00,000 influencers in its database. NeoReach focuses on big brands and is not meant for promoting campaigns of small or medium businesses. The subscription fees are customized for every client according to their needs. It typically ranges from 50,000 dollars to a hefty 500,000 dollars. It works by collecting a relevant quantity of data about every influencer. Also providing a variety of tools for the clients which helps them in finding the right influencers, running and tracking the performance of campaigns. NeoReach keenly observes the activity of influencers on different social media channels like YouTube, Twitter, Instagram,Facebook,etc.

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