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Sponsoring your YouTube channel can sometimes become a challenging work. When we talk about sponsorships we think of blown-up commercials, connecting with huge brands, media speeches etc. No smaller brands. Every YouTuber would want to get the channel subscribed by the viewer, but getting that done by your audience is not a simple task for any YouTuber. For any channel to get noticed by the brand it is very important for a publisher to get noticed at first place.

Now that you've found a suitable brand campaign which is the best fit for the brand as well as you and you're all set and ready to promote. In order to approach a brand for showing interest in their campaign, you need to write a sponsorship proposal. You're keenly interested in this campaign and want to make sure that you leave no stone unturned. This proposal should be impressive as well as it should justify your involvement in that campaign.In order to write an impressive sponsorship proposal, there are a few things to keep in mind.


Here are some highly effective tips for writing a winning brand proposal:

1.Explore your Product:

Promoting without researching and exploring is the most under-rated approach if you are looking forward to promoting your YouTube channel. An extensive research of the market is essential in order to know who is leading your nice market and what are the latest trends which are being followed in order to get noticed. Once you have to get the idea about the type of content being searched by most users and manage to deliver it efficiently, it's the ideal opportunity for you to take over the market.

When you apply for a brand campaign make sure that you did a brief research on their products. Brands expect to see your genuine interest in their products, and it couldn't be accomplished as long as you don't have the knowledge about them. A quick study wouldn't take much valuable time of yours. Look for the info like products, who they are as a brand and how they represent themselves, at their website. For an in-depth knowledge, search on Google and read the top articles. This can prove to be very useful while creating your promotional content for the campaign, or while answering the queries of your followers. After all you'll never want to make an impression that you're promoting the product just to earn money, and you're not even a genuine user of that product.


2.Fitting to the Content Caliber:

Creating a great content is a part where you can never compromise. This is a critical thing which you can't disregard at any cost. Nobody can give up on this as this is the vital component of advertising.

Google appreciates the content that provides a superb content for their viewers.
A smashing content is special and unique with appropriate headings and shot records free from language errors, sufficiently long and informative enough.

You should totally avoid any errors while writing a sponsorship proposal. It is concise, neat, organized, and professional. Avoid the use of typos as they are not professional. It shouldn't be lengthy, size of a paragraph is enough. People reading the proposals are quite busy and they don't have much time to read through lengthy pages for every application. An ideal sponsorship proposal is supposed to be short, meaningful, and should be a perfect representation of you and your channel.  

3. Content Size and Body:

The ideal sponsorship proposal is concise, to-the-point, short and sweet. It should not be lengthy or time-consuming. It should consist of the following:

  • A  Brief introduction to your channel and the domain you post content about.
  • Justify your reason for being on the campaign and how well can you add to the efficacy of the campaign.
  • Mention how you plan to incorporate the product/brand into your video.
  • Include only relevant and creative ideas so that your proposal looks promising.
  • A "Thank you" note in the end.

4. The authenticity of the content:


Being a "Yes-Man" and saying everything that the brand wants to hear won't give you any significant results. Remember, you just can't get the campaign by saying what they want to hear. Be genuine, presentation your channel and yourself should be impressive.There are five things you should keep in mind while writing a sponsorship proposal these are the same parameters brands judge you on while researching the talent. The points to remember are:

  • Quality of content should be supreme and shouldn't be questionable.
  • The relevance of involvement of your channel to the campaign.
  • Your personality as a YouTuber
  • Your reach, comments, engagement with your audience
  • Traffic and fan following the channel.

Your content is a base parameter for a brand to judge you, make sure it perfectly reflects you and your channel. If it doesn't the brand will find out soon after researching your channel. Prefer quality over quantity while choosing what campaigns you apply to.

5. The Match Between The Subject and The Content:

While writing your proposal doesn't suggest anything you don't intend to include in your video. If you explain a script in which your content will be a perfect fit for the product campaign, stick to it. If the brand approves you that means they like the idea and that is what they can expect from your video. So make sure to follow through on any promises you make in your sponsorship proposals.


Provide stats about your channel, including your following, audience engagement, like, comments, subscribers etc.

This gives a professional impression and increases the chances of your involvement in the campaign. Let the statistics of your channel speak for themselves.


7. Presenting Monetary Benefits:

Make a clear presentation of the price that you demand your work and the benefits that the brand gets out of it. It should be presented in such a way that the benefits outweigh the cost or in other words, present the benefits that justify the price you asked for.


Last but not least, your proposal message should be clear, like what's in it for the brand? how are you going to accomplish that? How much will you charge? What audience do you target? And how wide will you spread the word?


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