How to Build Best Influencer Marketing Strategies for Viral Bao

Apart from advertising on traditional print and broadcast media, brands are shifting their focus towards social media because of people’s immense engagement with it. Social influencers on various  platforms are making huge money because of these marketing trends. Brands come looking for influential creators on social media and pay them to promote products to the crowd in their reach. Influencer marketing is one of the many successful ways to make money online with YouTube. Every YouTube marketers spends a lot of effort to create amazing content. For example, C.T. Fletcher – a popular physique athlete, trainer, and a successful YouTube influencer - marks his presence on the site by sharing motivational videos about bodybuilding and fitness domain. An impressive and creative content is a must in YouTube marketing, as we’ve seen that social icons like C.T fletcher employ other techniques too, in order to make their social presence prominent.

So, without further ado here are some powerful strategies that are guaranteed to improve the visibility of your channel for the long term:


Some of the best influencer marketing strategies are as follows:

Optimize Your Channel Page

You should never underestimate the potential of your channel page to route audiences to the web-links and landing pages. Take your time in optimizing your channel page, explain your goals, introduce your brand, and your Unique Selling Points. Adding links of your websites, social media profiles, landing pages is also a very efficient practice. You can also route traffic to your websites and social profiles by adding links on channel banners. Get rid of useless content and make your page more appealing. Use a suitable profile image; logo of your brand is more likely to be a good choice. Your audiences really don't care where your content comes from as long as it's interesting.

Strategizing the Keywords:

Influencer marketers often ignore the need of specifically designing messages to the stage, a potential customer is at during the buying process. Audiences visit YouTube when they’re on the initial stage of buying something, i.e. research and information gathering. It includes unboxing videos, review videos etc.  Follow these practices for strategizing keywords:

Selected keywords should have at least 1000 impressions/month.

Using AdWords keyword Planner; it’s remarkably helpful for planning keywords.

Choosing keywords relevant to your products, domain, and target audience.


Attention-Grabbing Thumbnails are a Must.


Let’s face it, whenever we search for something on YouTube, a list of hundreds of similar videos appear, along with the searched video. So, there are Strong chances that your YouTube videos will compete with a lot of similar videos. So, how to ensure that the audiences click your video first? Thumbnails can greatly help in this.

Create attractive thumbnail images that’s catchy and causes an urge to click. You can even upload a personalized thumbnail for your video by selecting the custom thumbnail option while uploading a brand-new video. For managing thumbnails of old videos, head to the Video Manager, click “Edit”, then select “Custom thumbnail”.

Qualities of an ideal thumbnail image:
Format: PNG, BMP, JPG, and GIF
Size: > 2 MB
Resolution: 1280 x 720 pixels
Aspect ratio: 16:9


Calls to Action is a Necessity


Calls to action have proved to be a very efficient practice for YouTubers, till date: Statements like " Like, comment and subscribe if you liked our video!" after the video is a very common type of call to action.

There are 4 main goals of every YouTuber, namely:

1. Maximise the subscriptions on channel

2. Getting views on other videos of your channel

3. Maximum comments

4. Flooding Likes and Shares

There are some other ways to integrate calls to action like, requesting the viewers to perform an action, for example requesting the viewers to like, comment, share and subscribe; this is a widely used CTA, because it has proved its effectiveness with time. You can also show a card with a clickable button, like a huge Subscribe button at the end of the video. Make sure to add your links, and other explanatory or promotional content.


Promoting Across Other Channels

You should take leverage from all your existing web assets to increase visibility of your YouTube videos. Insert links of your YouTube channel in emails, make list of your best videos for your next newsletter mails, post a blog on the challenges you faced while creating the content and the lessons you learnt from it. Tailor-make your YouTube content for the audience, and share it with them actively and regularly. Once you have a decent following, it’s very important to collaborate with other influencers from related niche.

Strengthen the Audience Engagement

Audience engagement is all you’re ever going to need. To make your YouTube channel popular, you have to interact and engage with your audience more often. You should respond to comments as soon as possible. Secondly, you must subscribe to other users and YouTube channels and give positive feedback. Creating response videos is yet another effective practice. You can even create videos your viewers request.

Catchy content is the basic prerequisite for a popular YouTube channel and an effective marketing strategy.  But as an influencer who wants to level up and make the most out of this platform you must make a change and follow the above mentioned tweaks to fine tune your influencer marketing strategy.

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