Using Instagram For YouTube Channel Promotion

Instagram has become a highly popular picture and short videos based social media platform that is getting even more popular with each passing day. The main culprit being the visual aspect of this social network, YouTubers tend to easily take advantage and benefit from their Instagram pages, by using these accounts for promoting their YouTube channels and creating a massive fan following. If you’re a YouTuber already and mean to attract more followers, then this is a must-read for you.

Teasers of latest creations:

Tease out upcoming videos

This is the most common practice that everyone follows on Instagram. Top influencers give highlights of their latest productions and feature them on Instagram. This makes the fans eager for more and hence when the content gets uploaded on YouTube, it becomes a massive hit, scoring millions of likes every day. These short-clips tend to attract more and more new followers who belong to the same niche.

Showcase a 15-second Audio:

Showcase 15 seconds of music tracks

If you’re a musician then you’re at an advantage here. You can showcase a 15-second audio clip of your latest creation with a still image. This will create a hype for your track and your fans will crave the complete variant of your song. Now when you upload the full version of this song, you’re sure to get a massive response from your fans.

Fan Shoutouts:

Give fans a behind the scenes look

Who doesn’t like some attention? Same goes for your followers. They love the exposure, the attention from their favourite influencer. This implies that the fans will love when you do shoutouts for them once in a while. Use your Instagram feed to make your followers shine by keeping them in the limelight. These little things make them feel important and affect their loyalty to a great extent. So, always remember to keep your followers happy and they’ll never let you down.

Make Use of Trending Hashtags:

Use Trending Hashtags

Everyone’s familiar with hashtags, they’re amazing to put on a photo caption for more likes. Wait, that’s not all a hashtag does. Whenever we come across a hashtag on Facebook, Instagram, or any other social media platform and click on it we can observe all the posts that users have made using that particular hashtag. Just by performing a quick research and using a few hashtags after that, in the captions of your images, you can target those people who aren’t already following you. You can amplify this exposure if you make use of popular hashtags or trending hashtags. You can either create a custom hashtag, but it won’t give you much exposure as it’s not viral at that time. If you want to enhance the exposure, research for relevant trending hashtags that are going viral while you post. You can find them easily after a quick search on Google.

Brand Your Instagram Photos

Instagram Photos

So, you made all those funny and entertaining images and posted them. Even if you got an amazing number of likes on it, they’re being circulated all over the social media without people even knowing that you created that content. The perfect solution to this issue is the branding of your content. This is important because of two reasons: First being the recognition of work and secondly if someone likes it and they know it’s from you then they’ll come to you straight looking for more stuff like it. Another effective practice is creating custom hashtag. You must tag every picture, every post with it, and people who are seeing them via other channels will tap your hashtag and they can see all your content in one place.

Embed Latest Video Link In Your Bio:

Instagram allows you to embed live links in your profile’s bio. You can add the link to your YouTube channel or latest YouTube video. This is the oldest trick in the book, everyone on Instagram is doing it, and the reason behind this maneuver is that by embedding the link you are giving your audience a chance to view your videos after they’re done viewing your Instagram photos and short videos. So, by doing this you get Instagram as well as YouTube followers in no time.

Create Hype About Your YouTube Channel:

Days before you post something on your YouTube channel, just post an image or a short video on Instagram as well. This will create a hype about your new video and you’re sure to get flooded by views on YouTube right after you post it. Like, if you plan on collaborating with a fellow YouTuber, just click a photo and post it on Instagram in order to create hype about the latest upcoming video.

Share All Your Exclusive Content:

Post fan shoutouts

The key to getting more viewers on YouTube is by creating a sense of excitement for your content in the minds of your fans. Provide them with the material they can get only on Instagram and no other social media channel. This may include behind-the-scenes clips some extra tips, tricks or hacks. Share your secrets, knowledge or experiences, anything that couldn’t be found anywhere else on the internet.

Just try and make sure that they realize that you’re providing something extra & special when they follow you on Instagram. By incorporating this trick you not just only get loyalty and engagement from your followers but they’ll also be interested in watching your full videos on YouTube as well.

Interact with Instagram Followers:

Interact with Your Instagram Followers

Now that you have successfully marked your online presence, be a little more interactive with your fans & you’ll notice a lot more value and appreciation from your Instagram account. Like, for example, you can post a snapshot of your recent video on YouTube and ask for a feedback on what your audience has to say about it. When you decide to engage & start a conversation with your fans, make sure that you talk to them in the comments section. Make sure to address them by their usernames while interacting. Thank them for their feedback and ask them what they wish to see in the next video. Be as consistent & interactive as possible, and you’ll be surprised how much Instagram can help you in growing your YouTube channel’s popularity.

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