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Best google adsense alternatives for youtube to earn money

finally, you have a google adsense account for your youtube channel after all the hard work you have put into creating a channel, uploading videos and most challenging, promoting it to secure 10,000 views for your channel, but what are you gonna do next to have your effort payback for you? do you also want to be like those millions of people who rely on google adsense account to earn from youtube via ads? on an average, you get only $0.80 to $2 per 1000 views on your monetized video because google adsense youtube pays you only 50% to 65% of actual revenue generated through ads. is it a fair bargain for your efforts? absolutely not, but isn't it worth pondering over how people are making millions of dollars from youtube channel if adsense pays almost nothing? well, they are doing some additional tasks to monetize youtube videos which others are not doing for sure. want to know? then read to find out the adsense alternatives for youtube monetization. reaching billion views to earn millions is a daunting and time taking task but what if we can earn millions from a limited number of views? to understand it better let's revise some latest figures of youtube stars. income of most famous youtubers is something like :  pewdiepie (felix kjellberg): $15m, roman atwood: $8m,  lilly singh (iisuperwomanii): $7.5m, smosh: $7m, rosanna pansino: $6m, tyler : $6m,  mark fischbach : $5.5m and the list is endless. pewdiepie has around 9 billion views but his income is fifteen million dollars and to get this amount from adsense he needs to have more than fifteen billion views and same is the case for all the above-mentioned youtubers. well, these youtubers filled the void of views by brand sponsorships and product placements for youtube monetization in their videos.  

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