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Concepts of viral marketing

viral marketing can be defined as a method of creating hype about a piece of content, product or a service in a more attention-grabbing and memorable way. this form of marketing uses social media platforms, video contents, spreading the word about an article, product or service of a brand  rather than just creating an advertisement and broadcasting it on tv. a content is said to be viral when it spreads rapidly as well as extensively from one viewer to another. when social media platforms like facebook and youtube are involved  in sharing, texts, videos and images to millions of audience, it goes viral in minutes. in simple words, viral marketing can be defined as a process of letting people do your marketing work without them even acknowledging it. presenting the most effective and time proven techniques and concepts of viral marketing:   target audience:  

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How to earn through amazon partner affiliate marketing program

amazon affiliate marketing   we all know how much money people make doing affiliate marketing. but even after the right investments like buying a domain, paying for hosting, setting up a site, or hiring a web designer to design your site, you can’t even cover your capital. not your fault, maybe your affiliate program is the culprit behind it. that is, you haven’t tried the right affiliate program for your needs. amazon affiliate marketing program also known as the amazon associates program is the perfect affiliate program if you are looking to make the most out of your efforts and investments. what is the amazon associates program?   amazon associates was amongst the first set of affiliate marketing programs and was launched in 1996. this program holds a past record of 12+ years of developing solutions for website owners, developers and sellers on amazon and helping them make money by advertising thousands of new, used and refurbished products from website owners and bloggers that are amazon associates, embed links for customers to click on to enable them to earn referral fees. you can earn up to 10% as referral fees if you’re able to convince customers into purchasing product via your referral link, when they make the purchase, you get your share of the deal. another awesome aspect is that you can get up to 15% referral fee if you’re promoting products like gadgets. all you have to do is to write a review on that gadget and provide an amazon affiliate marketing link. anyone who clicks on that link and makes a purchase of that item, it would automatically earn you your commission. your location is also a factor that determines your target market. for example, if you’re in the u.s., then your target audience would be the u.s. market by default and you should sign up for  amazon associate program of the us. likewise, if you’re in india, you’d have to sign up for amazon affiliate india.   how to make money from it?  

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