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Make the Most Out of Your Customer Reviews
Make the most out of your customer reviews

success stories about brands work best when they’re told by their customers, that’s what review marketing is all about, isn’t it? stats indicate that around 70% of people rely totally on customer reviews before they make a purchase. hence, it is considered to be a good idea to include reviews or comments written by your customers in their own words while deploying marketing campaigns on different channels. when you share the business experience of your clients on your website, social media pages, blogs etc. this will display how well your brand does when it comes to keeping promises and delivering quality. a positive review is so powerful that its effects outweigh the results of any other marketing trick. too hard to believe? let’s take a look at outcomes of some recently conducted surveys and researches:   88% of people rely on reviews to judge the quality of a brand/business. 72%  customers state that they trust a brand/business only if it has positive customer reviews. for 88% of customers, online reviews are as reliable as personal recommendations from friends. a customer can spend up to 31% more money on a brand if it has “excellent” reviews. reviews are the only factors that can either make or break a brand’s reputation. hence, there should be an emphasis on encouraging happy customers to share a few words of appreciation online. it’ll work best if these reviews are shared on social media platforms. this gives your business a social proof of providing best services. when a potential customer reads a good review, it builds trust about quality and reliability of the product. as a matter of fact, positive reviews can greatly help in making people understand the best characteristics of your product.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                this gives you a chance of attracting more traffic to your site which in turn adds to the fame of your brand. here are a few tips on how you can get maximum benefits from customer reviews: using reviews to build a reputation:

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Using twitter for youtube promotion – viral bao

twitter is the place where all the great people come and it is the best place to target the 100% genuine audience for your youtube channel. since the inception of social media, twitter has emerged as the place where all the great talks take place. counting from all the prime ministers, presidents, actors, writers, news media etc, all the big names are highly active and chatty on this platform and news spreads like wildfire here. so, why not take advantage of a free twitter account to drive traffic to your youtube channel and make your social media the tool to promote youtube videos. online social presence is a quintessential part of youtube promotions and indeed is the best way to advertise youtube channel. if you think that twitter is not much of help for your youtube channel promotions then, we give you some of the reason that will compel you to start using twitter as a medium to promote your youtube channel for free. 1. twitter has a monthly traffic of around 240 million users worldwide 2. twitter receives more than 500 million tweets a day 3. it merely takes minutes for a tweet to get viral, on the other hand, it may take months or years for your channel to get popular on youtube. 4. more than 30% of active internet users are on twitter 5. more than 80% of the world leaders use twitter. there are several others facts and stats about twitter which might stun you, not to forget in monetary terms also, twitter is one of the most suitable places if you are planning to monetize your youtube channel and you are looking ahead to earn money from youtube channel. the best part of twitter is it's conversion rate as 57% of the audience actually go out for brand or product mentioned in tweets, be it of any kind. however, twitter doesn't give you money like youtube does but it can help you in a long run to monetize your youtube channel and earn from it. twitter might come out a bit confusing for those who have never used it before but once you learn how to use twitter, you can realize it's potential and worth. meanwhile, at viral bao, we share some of the best tips and ways to use twitter to promote for youtube channel for free.   1. never tweet without  using #hashtags  

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