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Start online affiliate marketing on youtube – viral bao

Youtube affiliate marketing is a modern means of marketing which involves video creation and embedding the magic links in the video and in the video description. that video when clicked takes users to a different page where one can buy the product which a user wishes to. all this is done with an aim of commission-earning through internet marketing. that's a simple way of getting the traffic to your website hence increases the chances of conversion hence making you a wealthy affiliate on the e-marketing platform. whatever method you apply, the ultimate goal remains the same. web traffic getting converted into sales. all you need to have is loads of content on hand with tested marketing strategies. youtube is a very popular medium among the masses and is considered one of the reliant source of information, widely used in the international market. there are two categories of marketers involved in youtube marketing. the first category of marketers is those who create their own channels and look for likes and views. the content here could be anything including education, science, technology, finance etc. they take affiliate marketing as one more way to earn money. every content that is developed promotes a brand, embedded through a clickable link. any purchase made through those affiliate links drives sales to the merchant and commission for youtuber. the second category of marketers is those who rely only on affiliate marketing. for them, the whole idea of marketing is to earn more and more commission through the affiliate marketing. getting started with affiliate marketing on youtube: before you start doing it, always consider the best practices for the implementation of your marketing strategy. why youtube?

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Adsense monetizing rules that you must know - viral bao

in order to monetize your youtube channel and make money from it, you need to enable the monetization feature on your videos and connect your adsense account to it (in case you have one, else you can sign up for it). adsense is a cost per click advertising program which allows you to include advertisements in starting of the video, when the viewer clicks the ad you get your share of money for advertising it.  now, whenever those ads roll at the starting of your video and someone clicks it, you get paid for that. while a solitary tap on a youtube video may just yield a couple of pennies, those pennies rapidly add up when you have a great deal of audience engaging with the ads on your youtube channel. but it doesn't end here. youtube recently put a restriction on who can make ad money from their video platform. youtube announced in a blog post that it will not show ads on videos by those channels having less than 10,000 total views. sounds a little bit of trouble for new creators aspiring to be in the youtube partner program until they get 10,000 total views on their channel. it appears that the future aspirants won't be accepted into partner program until they fulfill the 10,000-view criteria. so, here's a brief look on adsense policies:   rules on clicks and impressions on ads:  

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Lesser known ways to find brand sponsorships | viral bao

sponsoring your youtube channel can sometimes become a challenging work. when we talk about sponsorships we think of blown-up commercials, connecting with huge brands, media speeches etc. no smaller brands. every youtuber would want to get the channel subscribed by the viewer, but getting that done by your audience is not a simple task for any youtuber. for any channel to get noticed by the brand it is very important for a publisher to get noticed at first place. now that you've found a suitable brand campaign which is the best fit for the brand as well as you and you're all set and ready to promote. in order to approach a brand for showing interest in their campaign, you need to write a sponsorship proposal. you're keenly interested in this campaign and want to make sure that you leave no stone unturned. this proposal should be impressive as well as it should justify your involvement in that order to write an impressive sponsorship proposal, there are a few things to keep in mind.   here are some highly effective tips for writing a winning brand proposal:   1.explore your product:  

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