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Is youtube influencer marketing really a great way to earn online?

We often come across the success stories of various social media influencers who made a fortune with the help of youtube. youtube has been the reason behind the success of many people like, felix arvid ulf kjellberg (pewdiepie) and germán alejandro garmendia aranis ( holasoygerman). influencers like pewdiepie, started from the scratch and now have their net worth in millions of dollars. the best thing about youtube is that it's free and it's open to everyone. the only key for success is your talent. present your talent to the world, if it's unique and if you're good at it, then you'll be surprised by results you get out of it. nowadays, social influencer marketing has become a major part of the digital influencer marketing strategy of every brand. the only reason behind this popularity is the massive roi (return on investment) it generates. while there are other social media channels which provide the same opportunities of earning, youtube stands out of the crowd in some unique ways followed by the instagram influencers. let's find out, is youtube influencer marketing really a good way to earn online? or is it is just overrated. no investment needed:

Mar 04,2018 0
Quick guide to make a youtube adsense account for monetization

google's mantra has always been innovation and creativity, and when it first observed youtube, it knew youtube is the new face of digital age and best ever video sharing platform, so it purchased youtube right away. presently youtube has become the second largest search engine after google due to high engagement of users and popularity among every age group. when google came with the idea of google adsense on june 18, 2003, and it purchased youtube on february 14, 2005, to link adsense with youtube and it has definitely been a romantic affair forever after.   why is youtubing with adsense a great idea?  

Jan 27,2018 0