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This is the place where we showcase apps of some of our YouTube stars who are making the most of ViralBao - YouTube apps maker platform, and getting much more money with the videos on their channel, by simply using our platform to open new revenue stream from views from apps and new audience from the popular app stores.


Best App Design and Features for Android and iOS
These App designs make your users love your app and be hyper engaged with your channel

When starting with any mobile app development, it is important to know how to design an app, much before the actual development. This is where the ViralBao platform comes into play by entirely eliminating the need for any know how or requirement of app designing alltogether. 

Our team has set in best app designs for both platforms of android and ios phones that not only look stunningly beautiful, but are also extremely easy to use with great looking ui - user interface and are set as ready to use templates of the most advanced designs that users would love for both phones be it android or ios, but are best app ui designs overall. 

Your app will look amazingly cool with stunning graphics that please the users for both design and usage, and you simply have to pick one of the design templates from the various options available that you think would best work for your app for their ui design for these platforms.

ViralBao – Apps Gallery Best App Design and Features for Android and iOS